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The company was founded in 2012 based on experience gained during activities in the construction sector in the areas of building design, statics of built structures and construction project management for industrial buildings. On the basis of a clear vision of the link between construction/production/design, we have created a strong team which successfully tackled construction projects in our country and abroad. After the company’s foundation, as a company focusing primarily on load-bearing structures and statics of built structures, we expanded the firm by adding the Construction above Ground division in 2019, which is responsible, within the company, for projects in the form of a General Designer. The company focuses primarily on designing built structures in the field of industry and technology.

The company consists of 25 internal employees who are authorized civil engineers in the fields of construction above ground level, statics of built structures, architects, designers and constructing engineers with long-term experience. The design solution of each order is processed using 3D software with Building Information Modeling properties.

Our regular clients are developers, domestic and foreign investors, general contractors of built structures and architecture offices, for which we draw up initial architectural drawings, feasibility studies and other stages of project documentation in accordance with legislation. For developers and investors in the field of logistics/light production, we provide an analysis of the potential territory of their new investment in terms of infrastructure, the transport solution and the overall possibility of using the plot of land for the purpose of the particular kind/type of construction.

Our equally important partners are leading implementation and manufacturing firms in our market in the field of construction above ground level, for which we develop the statics of load-bearing structures, final detail design documents and production documents for load-bearing structures.

STAT-KON s.r.o. is a member of the Slovak Chamber of Civil Engineers. In order to increase the quality of project management and the provision of professional services, the company has put in place an STN EN ISO 9001: 2016 quality management system in the field of Designing of Construction above Ground Level, implementation of built structures changes thereto, and engineering activities in the construction sector.

Our task is to provide complex design services and to provide the client with optimum investment costs and the ideal technical solution for a built structure with respect to the operating costs of the structure; we are able to take advantage of the investment potential of the investor efficiently and maximize the efficiency of production possibilities by combining prefabricated, monolithic and steel structures in one built structure.

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